When a dog loves a kitty :)

Our Betty will soon be 12 years old and, although the vet assured us that she looks great in every way, I can't help but worrying that, at some point, she might leave us. I simply cannot imagine my life without her.

She has been a constant friend and companion to us for such a long time, she is friendly with all the other animals, including the chickens, and now, when she cannot hear very well, she is smart enough to understand our signs. She has generously accepted all the new kitties and she has showed them a lot of affection. And the kitties love her too.

I am going to be a mom :)

I know it's a little late. I am 36, but, that's how long it took me to really really want to be a mom. I am overwhelmed and scared, but my instinct tells me I am gonna manage somehow. I haven't even told my mom yet, she'll probably freak out, but well...that's it. I truly hope it's going to be a baby girl, I have some astonishing names in mind and I simply love teasing my hubby about them. I've taken the habit of googling the most shocking names ever and then, with a serious face, I present them to him, expressing my ardent wish to name our baby with one of them. Names like Caia, Lilou, Calpurnia, Peppa or Barax and I simply love the shocked look on his face.
It's still very early (barely 6 weeks) and I hope everything will turn out alright with the pregnancy. I'll definitely keep you posted. I'll need lots of tips on being a good mom.

Happy Easter!!!!!

Love you all and I wish you a Happy Easter. May all the angels watch over you. Here's a slice of my Easter bun and Easter cheese cake.

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Honey glazed love rolls :)

It's my birthday and I thought of baking something special, you know how much I love experimenting in the kitchen. This time I baked some pastry cheese rolls (I used feta for the filling) and, la piece de resistance, is that immediately after you take them out of the oven, you sprinkle on them a mixture of warmed honey and vanilla powder.

This warm syrup will moisten the crust and transform the pastry in an incredible and original desert. I highly recommend it :). Love you, my friends, thank you for your birthday wishes.
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A buck for a Romance

I must be honest and admit that I suffer for my books. If I were to look at the bright side, I could talk about the good reviews, for they outnumber the bad ones, but I won't. I'll talk about the kicks in the butt that an author must silently take, every now and then. In my case, most of them are about the length of my books. Yes, I love writing short fiction, so what can I do? I have brilliant authors that inspired and seduced me into trying this path, like Chekhov, Asimov, Poe, Twain, Ray Bradbury, Maupassant, hell even Breakfast at Tiffany's was a novella.
What I am trying to say is, you don't have to write three hundred pages to win a reader's heart. I don't know if I've managed to win a reader's heart so far, but I shall never stop trying. And to you lovely readers out there, don't rush in dismissing a book because of its length, because there is a great chance it could be The One :). Another sensitive subject is that about the price of a book. Now, I must confess I love a bargain, who doesn't? But considering the fact that, for every copy that Amazon sells with 0,99$, the author gets 0.17$, one must admit that a writer has but very little chance to make a living out of it. My point is, be kind to your favorite author, support his work with an honest review, share around a link here and there, and, if possible, don't kick his butt because he missed a coma :).
Well, because my Regency romance, A lot of pride and some prejudice, is 0.99$ again, I thought of gathering here, to your consideration, a few other titles, that might tempt you - all of them are short fiction at 0.99$. Just click them :).


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