One of the reasons I wake up every day are my pets.  If there is a tolerable side of me then that is because my pets made me a better …bitch. Ever since I was very little I adored the idea of napping with a fluffy purring cats next to my cheek, infuriating thought for my mother and sister who threw away like 5,6 cats for different reasons (fleas, cat hair) and threatened me with foaming scary faces to severely punish me if I would ever bring again a cat inside the house. Now I am a 33 year old free lady with as many cats and dogs as I wish, it’s true that I cannot find a single clean hairfree spot in the entire house but I could never imagine myself in a house with no pets. I would go crazy. I must admit, since I am a lazy piece of ass, that there are days when it stinks because I forget to change their litter and sometimes when I put my head on a pillow I can actually breath cat hair. Even for me it is unpleasant but not unpleasant enough to give them up. Not by far…Recently one of my cats, Eugenia fooled around with an ugly hobo tomcat (let me just say that she has terrible taste in men) from around the neighborhood and the result of her one week intense infatuation you can see in the pictures.

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