He is strong, tall, dignified with rich, colorful plumage and an impressing scarlet comb that constantly wobbles with a lot of joyful pride. His majestic prance reminds of the victorious march of a French chevalier returning from a glorious battle and his cock-a-doodle-doo simulates the fearsome roar of some mythical feathered warrior. You cannot find anywhere a rooster like Eugene. That is probably why all his five lady friends can never get enough of him. But he only has eyes for one…and that would be Wheelie. She is the tiniest of them all; you would rather mistake her for a shaggy pigeon with beady eyes and plucky wings. Her harem companions are constantly trotting her off with a lot of contempt and obvious resentment like some sort of social statement regarding her privileged position in Eugene’s sentimental hierarchy. So most of the time, Wheelie loyally follows her cocky lover pacing quietly and resignedly accepting his proud dominion with a lot of commitment and constant devotion. In return Eugene offers her all the good stuff he accidentally finds in the grass and always accompanies her whenever she desperately announces her imperative need to lay her eggs. He even stays with her until she victoriously clucks her small white egg like a ping pong ball. What is most extraordinary about him is that he doesn’t seem to need a “cigarette” break after he lovingly and passionately treads her, moreover he seems to openly appreciate a few cuddling moments, of course in spite of all the other jealous lady hens who cluck disapprovingly of his obvious debauchery.  

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Sissym said...

ahhhhh :)

They are so so so cute!


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