Looks are important...unfortunately. Not only are they important, but they actually determine life choices. And if a beautiful woman is blessed with brains as well (that's rather rare), she can be a lethal weapon. She can take, conquer, play, dominate, change, tease, submit, seduce and still be forgiven. Beauty is an asset, but beauty and brains is a weapon. A rare one.

 Now, when it comes to divas, I am not very sure if it would be fair to relate to them in ordinary terms. I would call them  pretty faces with some talent and a lot of luck. Looks for them are of essence so, when time starts to make a mark on their faces, well that's a terrible event and they take drastic measures like plumping, lipo, sucking, stretching, Botox and so on, in a desperate hope of preserving some of their famous features. They have expensive jewelry, extravagant outfits, glamorous lifestyles and a lot of airs,,.  So, I deeply amuse myself when I see them the way they really are, and I realize that it's all about the right makeup kit.

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Alicia American said...

LOL of course I am beautiful 24/7 from all angles, LOL

unicorna said...

I am sure you are much more beautiful than most of these ladies without make up :)


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