My sexy virtual alter ego

They say that after a certain age you are supposed to settle down, get serious and forget all the trivialities. Well why the hack would that be? I am after thirty and I am certain that I shall never be willing to give up that particular side of me, that greatly enjoys, for instance, playing online games. More specific, MMORPGs, that’s massive multiplayer online role-playing game, and I play them, almost every day, till I drop like a sleepless ghost after midnight. My favorite MMORPG is Lineage and I have been playing it for over 6 years and it has actually become my blessed enchanted sanctuary where there are no unpaid bills, no unemployment worries, just breathtaking experiences in three incredibly beautiful virtual worlds named Aden, Elmore, Gracia, with pixies, fairies, golems, unicorns, treants (magic trees), fauns, dryads, goblins and where I am a super hot lady elf with outstanding magical powers capable to crush pretty much anything that bothers meJ. In my personal hierarchy, Lineage gathers the highest ratings but there are also other famous MMORPGs, World of Warcraft and Aion, that share successfully the same blissful effect. If you haven’t tried these games yet, for different reasons, please try them now, in spite of your nagging wife, your jealous boyfriend or whining kid. To be honest I think that fantasy can offer you a brighter perspective on the real world, however absurd that might sound, you seem to tolerate real life’s hardships a lot easier, moreover you start to discover in reality unexpected glimpses of beauty. Or maybe it’s just me…..
that would be my alter ego in Lineage under the magic tree

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