The curse of the gipsy

gipsy woman, beautiful gipsy
It was a hot summer day and I was about 16. Chased away by the urban unbreathable air I remember taking a walk in the park, when a gipsy lady approached me. She was one of those barefoot gipsies, dressed in long colorful skirts, with golden coins braided in her slimy hair, thick golden rings on her fingers and a mouthful of promising hocus pocus nonsense. Not even today can I explain what exactly determined me to stop, take a sit on the bench with her, listen to her mumbo jumbo and eventually give her all my money. Not only did I give her all my money but also, since she probably wasn't satisfied with the prey, she pluck one of my hairs, took my handkerchief, spit on them and then she made me promise I would return in an hour with 100 $ otherwise she would curse me.
 And if I can recall correctly she mentioned something like: " I curse you to never find your true fate, to wander aimlessly, miserably and in rags, to waste away your youth and beauty and never find someone to care for you until I say otherwise". The entire incident caused me a great deal of distress at the time. Anyway I never thought about it too much until yesterday when I was at the market, buying tomatoes, and a gipsy beggar carrying an infant at her bosom asked me to spare her some change. I gave her a coin and then she told me.."May you have great luck in you life and find your true fate". The whole story made me smile but it definitely enforced my constant reticence towards gipsies (not all of them, just the fortune teller kind).


Tara said...

That would have scared me enough that I'd have run the other way when I saw another!

love2type said...

i don't think gypsy exist in philippines. we've had enough of supernatural beliefs already from witch doctors.

by the way, posted my picture as requested with a link to your site. happy Tuesday

Petula Lloyd said...

Hmmmm.... interesting! I think I would have been a little nervous myself. Lovely story.


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