The Facebook fascination

I am a fervent Facebook user. In spite of all the bad reviews regarding its alleged breach of privacy or the rumor that Facebook stocks their users' personal profile information and sells it to advertising companies, I find this social network a very useful instrument for nowadays. Besides helping me get in touch with lots of dear friends and colleagues that I thought I would never meet again, I owe Facebook the opportunity to indulge myself in playful fun little online games.
Cityville, Farmville, Cafe World are my favorite Facebook games that I constantly play in great competition with my boyfriend and some of my friends and family members. Because I am a fervent and serious MMOPRG gamer since 2005 (Lineage, World of Warcraft, Aion) at first I regarded these little games with amusement and subtle irony, but gradually their constant challenge and the enticing sense of competition grew on me. Now in Cityville |I am the proud mayor of a large interesting city of 16000 inhabitants who work hard every day to make me proud of them :). 
They say Facebook is very addictive, maybe that explains why China, Taiwan, Iran and Bangladesh banned it, not to mention numerous American companies that banned it too to prevent their employees from playing around or chatting during work time.
I don't share their addiction but I can understand it
that is my boyfriend's city, considerably uglier than mine :)

that is my city
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Whisppy said...

When I first joined Facebook, I was also nuts about the games but that fascination is over coz it does get addictive and takes up way too much time. :) Sometimes I do find that some people don't think before posting on their FB status...

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Pinay Scribbles said...

I facebook everyday. I used to play farmtown but i got tired of it coz it's all the same, sowing, harvesting and sowing again. then i played bejeweled but not as much as before anymore. I do <3 still, it's the only way to communicate with old friends and families.

Jade said...

wow, you are a gamer too? I played every mmorpg from lineage2 to latest game.
I got easily bored in every facebook games.

BeadedTail said...

We're on Facebook too but haven't got into the games or anything yet. Our mommy spends too much time on the computer as it is! :)

Lora R. Rivera said...

Love the guy on the pot. I'm terrified this is more common than we might imagine :-/

I don't know if you do blog awards, but I left one on my blog for you. If nothing else, it might direct some new traffic your way.

Cheers! --Lora

adina said...

Those first two photos are hilarious!

I'm on facebook but I've finally gotten to a point where I'm not too addicted to it - probably because I'm addicted to reading blogs instead now!

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