Smells Like Autumn

There is something in the air. The sun no longer performs according with its summer duties and the leaves turn yellowish. I am not an autumn fan. Actually it saddens me a lot because it turns upside down my entire life. The chilly nights, the dead leaves, the shorter and shorter days. That means we must clear the chimney, take out from the closet the warmer blankets, start preparing for the winter the vegetable stew and plum preserve and store them in well sealed jars.

Since I am a spring person, this particular time of the year upsets me a lot. The melancholy, the lovely morning dew that turns into hateful rime, and the long never ending dark nights.

The corn is ripe and almost ready to be harvested.


robert said...

I know what you mean..with Autumn comes the thoughts of winter...:(

Whisppy said...

We have summer all year long with thunderstorms during the monsoon. Never experienced spring, autumn or winter...

Pinay Scribbles said...

would you believe that summer never actually came this year? we had a colder and wet summer. It's sad. I think this winter will be much colder than last year which is really depressing. :( her comes to getting sick again, flu, colds, fever, asthma and all the rest... :(

Botanist said...

Spring is my favourite season too, when everything gets lights again and seems to wake up after winter.

Having said that, I can usually find something to rejoice about in every season. For autumn, it's the prospect of heartwarming soups and stews (I'm a comfort food fanatic!), and cozy log fires.

love2type said...

i would like to see autumn... but i can't get a long holiday from work around this time. :(

Gayle said...

A comment won't do. I must post for Autumn. It's my favorite.

Lora R. Rivera said...

Gorgeous pic.

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. I love the smell of the air, growing slightly damp with the approach of winter rain, leaves turning and falling, their moisture evaporating and giving off that scent of change. New to old. A gust of chill wind. Purpling skies waiting for the first snowfall.

And, @Botanist, yes indeed. Comfort food. Stews and soups, ciders and fall festivals. Yes, please!


Sissym said...

Dear friend,

I imagine that in some countries the autumn will bring an air of melancholy.
I admire the foliage red, then dry and fall ... giving a certain charm in the way.
When autumn arrives in Rio de Janeiro, I like, because it is getting a cooler season, and saying goodbye to heat often unbearable.


Dixie said...

I love Autumn! While other people are decorating with yellow, brown and orange... I take a clue from the Swedish and Danish. Out from storage come all my pastel paintings, some curtains, and switch out bright cheerful pillows in the family room.

We have what are called, "daylight light bulbs, and they're great for the lack of sun... and those shorter nights.

I hope you can enjoy it a little easier this year (2012).


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