The Lady and the Cake

my sponge cake
About a month ago I was asking one of my dearest blogger friends, Catherine from Living the gourmet, to consider preparing a more special dessert recipe for us unhappy people who diet. And, to my utter surprise and delight she, most amiably, answered my plea, and, along with her lovely daughter Tammy, prepared a very inspired dessert Shortbread and dried fruit bars.
A cocktail with the spongecake

And because I wanted to follow her good example and transform this recipe into an astonishing dessert that I could brag about on my blog, last evening I put my humble baking skills to use and prepared not one, but two cakes.
The ruined shortbread cake
This first one is my classic recipe for sponge cake and the second one was supposed to be a replica of Catherine's amazing shortbread cake. But alas...the result was shameful and entirely disappointing. Nevertheless, because I can accept my shortcomings and I like making fun of my failures, I chose to post a photo of the unfortunate cake and subject it to your scrutiny and ridicule. Catherine don't be too harsh on me, I can't explain what happened to the dough, it turned out very crunchy, I probably put too much flour or something.
In spite of the crunchiness, though, my boyfriend ate it all, so I suppose it wasn't all that bad :). I shall try to re-make this recipe in a few days and hopefully this time it will turn out satisfactory.

Now allow me to be a bit infantile and introduce you to my new shoes, they were a gift from my boyfriend and I love them. I know they seem strange and uncomfortable but I am so crazy about them. Ladies have you ever worn such mongrels?


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Petronela:
Do not in any way put yourself down. Your cake to our eyes looks wonderful and it must have tasted good as, you yourself said, your boyfriend ate it all. We are more than impressed with anyone who is able, via the oven, to turn any raw ingredients into something to be eaten, as you so clearly can!

And your shoes look so very different, and interesting too, and we know that you will get huge pleasure from wearing them.

Petro Neagu said...

You have got to be joking! The cake looks amazing and if the beloved boyfriend ate it all, I'm positive it was very delicious too!
Now about the shoes...You have got to be joking again! I really, really but reeeeally love them. They look so different, in a good way of course, and so out of ordinary. Kudos for your boyfriend, he's got very good taste in fashion!
Kisses, my dear girl crush :)

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Okay, I'm probably ignorant but I thought shortbread is supposed to be crunchy?
If I wore shoes like that I would probably tumble right over and twist my ankle. I'll stick to my flats. :)

unikorna said...

No you are not ignorant Whisppy, shame on me again, I rechecked, you are right, shortbread is supposed to be crunchy...that means that my recipe worked out fine after all :)))). Txs and kisses.

virginia robertson said...

Sometimes, i need to be in frame mind that let's me be creative in the kitchen.... Which means I have to recreate a recipe a couple of times....and if you don't make these mistakes how will you perfect it... Right?

Oh emmm geeee.... I love your shoes, would I be able to walk maybe not but that wouldn't stop me... Thank you for your compliment on my picture.... It made my

Catherine said...

Dear Petronela, I hope that you liked the the shortbread and fruit bars.
I enjoyed very much the time spent with my daughter creating something not too sweet yet satisfying.
Thank you for asking me to come up with a dessert for you. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this dessert with my daughter, knowing that it was with you in mind.
I think you new shoes are very nice, but heel is too much for me.
Blessings my dearest. Catherine xo

Janet Gardner said...

They do look yummy to me too, you should give yourself an A for effort. You can always try again to make them the way you want them, practice makes perfect remember lol! I love the shoes, I just have trouble walking in really high heels, though being 5' 4" inches, I sure could stand to learn how to walk in them!
Hugs and Kisses,
Janet :)

Suzanne Bean said...

I do love visiting and yes I do agree that shortbread can definitely be crunchy. I applaud anyone that can create such beautiful treats in the kitchen. I'll stick to stringing words together. The last time I made shortbread, I swear that when thrown at the wall the cookie made a dent. LOL!!!
As for the sexy shoes!!! LOVE THEM!!! I just bought a pair, not as high, but I love how I feel soooo pretty in them.
Big hug and lots of love!! :)

Marms said...

I am not a good cook but I am trying to make good meals too.
Oh I love the shoes. I like the color.

unikorna said...

Oh My Suzanne I promise you I almost cried with laughter :)))))) when you mentioned the dent in the wall, you are amazing.

Scarlett Knight said...

Cuuuute shoes. I would wear them!

JDC said...

Nice shoes

YONKS said...

Cakey, cakey, cakey, I love cakey! This is a little song I sing to myself whenever I see cake! Weird I know :-)

I linked you in my post today with a thanks for the Versatile Blogger Award earlier in the year - better late than never!

Melody Lowes said...

I love those shoes. Shoes are somehow a part of a woman's life - am I right? So they arent' infantile - not as infantile as big loud cars and wrestling... :)

Sissym said...

hummmm I dont love cakes, I dont love sugar, I dont love cakes, I dont love sugar, I DONT LOVE CHOCOLATES... I'm self-hypnotizing. rssss


Lora R. Rivera said...

You are hilarious! "A photo of the unfortunate cake" - I don't know why this had me smiling from ear to ear. Had I been there, I would've fought your boyfriend for it :) The key to eating supposedly "ruined" cakes is to allow them to exist in whatever shape or form they they turn out to be. Then you can enjoy them for what they are and not what they could have been. ... At least, that's what I tell myself when I'm nomzing away!

LOVE the shoes, lady. Am envious ;)

love2type said...

nice shoes.. i've never had such high platform but i bet they make your backside look very sexy when walking. :)

Maureen @ Orgasmic Chef said...

My feet are so small, I can't imagine wearing anything so high. :) The shoes are really lovely though!

Never put your cooking down, it is what it is and every time you cook you get better. Wise advice from my mother. :)

Botanist said...

Odd, I could have sworn I left a comment here. Oh well, must be a "senior's moment" :)

All I wanted to say was the cake and the shortbread look delicious, and shortbread should be crunchy - but someone up above beat me to that observation. I sometimes have a mishap with baking bread and it doesn't rise like it should, but it still tastes good. Home baking almost always does, even if it doesn't turn out quite as planned.

April @ The 21st Century Housewife said...

Wonderful sponge cake, and I like the idea of serving a cocktail with it too! Oh, and GREAT shoes!!

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