The Ladies and the Tramp

  I surely live in a mini zoo. I have four cats, two dogs and five chickens living in our household. The four cats have constant access to the house and they rub against our feet all day long. Not to mention their ceaseless presence around the computer area. If I get up to make a cup of tea, when I return to my desk, one of the cats is sleeping on the keyboard.
They stick their nose everywhere, my makeup kit, the linen closet, the bathtub, the washing machine, the mop bucket...They are very naughty, and irreplaceable :). I could never live without animals around me...or maybe I could eventually, but I would be miserable.
Today I dared entering a very unfamiliar territory in the cooking world...the pasta. I don't like it very much, but I wanted to try something new. I'm sure that, my blogger friends with Italian roots, Catherine and Alida, will laugh their heart out, when they see my version of pasta...but ..I did the best I could. I made spaghetti with chicken and some mozarella on top. I don't even know if Italians prepare spaghetti with chicken but ...I thought I'd improvise a little. The result was tolerable though, and the leftovers were placed in the oven, for safe keeping (I heard the fridge hardens the pasta). I don't know how, but my cats (led and guided by the tramp tomcat we shelter) managed to open the oven door and eat all, and I mean all, the spaghetti. To be honest, I took this event as a compliment...if my squeamish lady cats joined the tramp in the spaghetti feast, that means the pasta REALLY wasn't bad at all. Here's hoping...
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Sparkle said...

I'm not normally into pasta, but if it had been anywhere near chicken, I might go for it!

klahanie said...

Hi Petronela,

I can never pasta up a chance to have some pasta. Perhaps a cat sleeping on the keyboard might end up typing out some recipe dishes to be placed in a 'cat'alogue.

Suddenly, I'm visualising that spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp!

Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, Penny xx

Botanist said...

One of my cats always manages to nab my seat the moment I get up from my desk. Probably just as well, he's too fat for the keyboard :)

Mmmm...pasta. For such a dedicated gourmand I'm surprised to hear you've never ventured into pasta territory. Our weekly menu wouldn't be complete without some kind of pasta. Heartening, tasty, and quick to prepare. Yes, you can have chicken, or pretty much anything. We like frying chicken and bacon, stirring in some cream, and pouring it over penne.

Linda R said...

I'm not much of a pasta fan either. But my hubby loves it. Hey, they put chicken on pizza... why not pasta.

My cat is to old to jump up on the desk anymore. But she still follows me into every room. She is 16 now. I hear they can live to be over 20.


The Furries of Whisppy said...

I only like pasta cooked the Aglio Olio way because I'm not a fan of tomato. :)
I think Tutu would probably enjoy the spaghetti. That little monster eats everything...including bananas.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Petronela:
In the past we too would forgive our cats absolutely anything. But this was quite an accomplishment!!

The Elephant's Child said...

Everything in our house has a patina of black cat fur. They get into absolutely everything. I do not understand (and don't want to understand) why there is cat hair underneath the toilet seat when I clean the bathrooms, but it is there. Every week.
We haven't had cats opening the oven, but Jazz can open the fridge. Not only that he taught Jewel how to open it as well. He uses his paws and she, being not as strong, weasels her snout into the opening until it just pops open. So we have a child proof lock on the fridge to keep the cats out.

Mynx said...

Love pasta, and chicken and pasta can be wonderful
Especially with a cream sauce and even bacon and avocado.

Your pasta looks wonderful.

As for your kitties, I only have one and I think we tolerate each other. She really only has eyes for my son

mylittleitaliankitchen said...

Well done!!! What you made looks very nice and tasty (never think you are not good at cooking, you make beautiful things!).
I found your post really funny about your cats eating spaghetti. Surely this is a sign that the dish was good! :-) Also because cats are not so keen on pasta (maybe Italian cats are different :-) !).
Brava Petronela!

Catherine said...

I am thinking with all those furry and feathered friends you have a house full of love!
Hope you are having a happy November!
xo Catherine

Julia MB said...

Hi! I'm looking for mutual followers.

Voltech said...

Making've got some definite skill, I'd wager. I get antsy just trying to make grilled cheese, and I have a sneaking suspicion that my dogs wouldn't touch anything I cook. And they've been known to eat Vaseline.

They came to regret it over the next several hours.

But that aside, it's not like one bowl of pasta is the be-all and end-all. If this one was merely tolerable in your eyes, then you can strive to make the next one even better. And the next one can be better than that. And so on, until eventually pasta is your signature dish.

Blaze a trail to culinary greatness! That's how a real man lives! Or...something like that. Might have gone off on a tangent there.

Stephanie said...

Oh my, that spaghetti looks scrumptious! I bet the taste is yummy as it looks! It made me hungry~

nutschell said...

4 cats! I alreayd have trouble with the two i have. haha. spaghetti looks yummy!

Sissym said...

You're fortunate to have so many friends from 4 paws! And the new cat is beautiful!
My Lola cat can not see a bucket full of water cos she goes to drink water ! Once .... she spilled the bucket and ran like crazy!

My neighbor has 6 cats adopted: 5 are black and 1 is the black sheep of the family (he was born blonde ... lol). Ah! And 1 pinshcer + 6 birds.


Da Dude said...

When I'm lazy, which is almost all the time, I cook some pasta and put ketchup on it. I pretend that ketchup is spaghetti sauce.

However, sometimes when we make spaghetti. We grate (sometimes we sliver) some garlic in olive oil and heat it up to infuse the garlic flavor in the oil. Cook some shrimp and mix everything all together. Crumble some feta cheese on top with some Greek oregano. Then we squeeze lemon juice over the whole thing.

Have a great weekend!


Janet Gardner said...

I'm 50 percent Italian, and I love chicken and pasta, good for you trying something new, and your cat's too lol!
hugs & kisses,
Janet :)

Suzanne Bean said...

I must say that the first photo of the pasta looks so delicious!!! And I laughed when hearing that the cats found a way to open the oven door. LOL!!! I do love how you write about your days. And yes, I use chicken with pasta all the time and I also add artichokes and sun dried tomatoes. YUMMY!!!
Hugs to the wonderful creative writer and cook!!!! :)

Petula Wright said...

Oh you can do such wonderful things with pasta! Your dish looks so tasty and how funny the kitties got to it. I store pasta in fridge all the time but I've learned a few tricks to reheating (I'm sure that's very un-Italian. Lol

Kelly said...

Hi Unikorna,

I feel like I live in a zoo with just two cats. Especially when one of them jumps on top of my flat screen TV and does a double somersault off my plate of food, all of a sudden. woo hoo!

The food you've prepared looks delicious! You're quite the cook!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

lettersfromlaunna said...

The pasta actually looked yummy Petronela, I must have some Italian in me, I adore pasta.. yummy.

Your cats sound like they can get into anything, wow...

Maureen | Orgasmic Chef said...

I like your pasta dish! Your animals are very sweet. I couldn't live without my pets either.


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