When love turns to war

I wasn't a very scrupulous student during my History classes. Actually I wasn't a very scrupulous student in general :). I only studied whatever I found interesting. So, although my knowledge in history is not as extensive as I wish it to be, I do have some favorite episodes. Actually it's more about myths than history. I've noticed how in many cases, love or jealousy were the main reasons for a war. The first example that comes to mind is actually a famous episode of Greek Mythology, the Trojan War (some believe it to be a real historical event).
When Paris fell in love with Helen, Menelaus's wife, and kidnapped her, this stupid infatuation for somebody else's wife, determined the break of a ferocious war between The Greeks and the Trojans. It didn't end too well for the lover boy ..though.
 Another legend/myth/folk tale that I am very fond of, is the one involving the fair queen Guinevere, king Arthur and sir Lancelot. Apparently she was so much in love with king Arthur's most loyal knight, that she agreed to elope with him and retreat to his well guarded castle. Eventually, king Arthur discovered them and the two armies fought for many days causing serious bloodshed.
 Another war driven by love, actually it's more passion than love, was the one caused by the rape of the Sabines. At the beginning of Rome, in the newly built city, there were very few young maidens for the brave Roman warriors. And since they found out about a tribe in the mountains, named the Sabines, that apparently had numerous young beauties, they decided to take them by force. The two armies prepared for battle, but luckily, the pillaged Sabines decided they weren't so unhappy in the new found land and put themselves in front of the two armies. Eventually the two states emerged.
Having brave men fight over you, must be veryromantic, in a gloomy kinda way. Luckily for me, the only war I started was with my boyfriend, over who's washing the dishes.


YONKS said...

I am wondering if all these myths were written by women. A woman's ideal of how they would like lovers to be, willing to fight for their love. Interesting post P. I like it!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Petronela:
You have in this most interesting post revived our interest in The Trojan Wars and much else too. We really do need to be better informed!!

Voltech said...

If there's one thing I inherited from my dad -- regrettably, not his fantastic mustache -- it's an unabashed love of history. After all, what is history but a true story that's already been told?

Though to be fair, mythology is just as impressive, if not more. A friend of mine compared mythology to the hero-laden comic book continuities of today (and decades prior), and I can definitely see the similarities. Odin and Thor are larger-than-life characters with regularly-fantastic abilities and exploits, so it's not much of a stretch to extend their personas beyond a religious/cultural context. (And considering who just got a movie a little ways back, I'd say that myths are in a good place right about now.)

The Furries of Whisppy said...

If the history we learnt in school was anything like what you learn, I would have probably shown a little more interest.

L.G.Smith said...

Wow, what a pouting face on that first picture. :)

And I suppose it's really a man's/king's ego that is at stake when his woman is "stolen" by another man. He may not have even loved the woman that much, but she was HIS. Not exactly worth the bloodshed, though.

mylittleitaliankitchen said...

As usual your writing style is very interesting! Yes, it is a very romantic concept having a man fighting for you, but I am glad to live in this day and age because at least we are equal, surely they were not in the past!

lettersfromlaunna said...

It might be romantic to have a man fight over or for you... but I think it is better that we are equal now. Interesting post!

klahanie said...

Hi Petronela,

Very interesting. Would be better if a war turned to love. Would be even better to have no war at all and just make love. I had a war with that darned cat that keeps trying to mess up our garden! :)

Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, Penny xx

Robert Bourne said...

passion has caused many a battle both famous and not so famous... the woman you love is worth fighting for... :)

Austan said...

Thought-provoking post. I've had men fight over me twice and was horrified both times. But the women's views are never much told, are they?

The Elephant's Child said...

And who did wind up doing the dishes? History was badly taught when I was at achool and only really involved dates, with a tiny bit of information attached. Not interested, I moved sideways into geography and social studies. Now I am starting to realise what I missed. I may even go back to university. Just for fun.

Mynx said...

I have always enjoyed history and also historical fiction.
I am not sure however that I would enjy being the woman who started a war.

Lovely post

Suzanne Bean said...

The need for power and control over others seems to be the real issue. Perhaps if when these people really fell in love the other, the other could let them go, but no. Yet again, the need for self importance and to never feel rejected seems to issue war into its fullness. Real love is never harmful. Yes, yes, I can write all this stuff, but I must admit, the last man I dated and who I felt hurt by his actions, I definitely could have started a war with my anger. YUP!!! I've healed that one. Great post as always. I do love visiting you!!!! Hugs!!!

Melody Lowes said...

Who knows how many wars were actually started over a conflict in the kitchen??? :)

Petula Wright said...

I'm with you on the history side and really only studied what interested me. I'm still like that. If it isn't of particular interest I will read it if it's written concisely.

Judith said...

I could never blame Helen for leaving Menelaus. He was a boar, and his brother, Agamemnon, used the situation to start a war that he already wanted to fight--such high hopes of riches from pillage that he sacrificed his own daughter to set sail. Besides, the three goddesses really started it all. Helen and Paris were only pawns. Makes for a great story!

Anonymous said...

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