Getting paid for writing short stories

 To be honest I thought it impossible. During the last 10 days, I've been submitting my first and only short story to various online magazines, hoping it might stir an irresistible wave of emotion amongst editors from all over the world, who would overwhelm me with countless proposals of publishing and incredible financial retributions (I'm kidding obviously :)).
 Nothing of the sort has happened...yet :), but I did encounter an impressing number of rejections,  based mainly on the largesse of my story (apparently if it's over 5000 words, they don't have the patience to read it). Nevertheless, I've received a significant amount of approvals, sufficient enough to tickle my aspiring writer's ego, but only a few of them offered some financial retribution, the highest one being of merely 60 bucks.

That is actually quite good considering the fact that more than half of these online magazines, pay their writers in copies or ...regards. So I thought it would be helpful to post here a part of the magazines that pay for their published material, maybe it will come in handy for other starving aspiring writers out there. If you know other paying magazines, I would be obliged to add them to the list, who knows, maybe there is a future J.K Rowling amongst you...who could use some help paying the ink for her magic pen.
1. Gettysburg review pays 30 $ per printed page.
2. Wet Ink pays between 70$ and 120$ per story.
3. Washington Past pays 5 cents a word.
4. Vestal Review pays 3 cents a word.

5.  Turn row pays 15 $ per page.
6. pays 25$ per page (they also have a reading fee).
7. pays 40 $ per printed page.
8. pays 50 $ per printed page.
9. Flash fiction pays 50 $ per story.
10. The Fiddle head pays 40 CAD for published page
11. Crazy Horse pays 20 $ per page.
12. Carve pays between 20$ and 50$ for a story (have a reading fee)
13. Boulevard pays between 50$ and 500 $ for a story (reading fee)
14. Agni pays between 1 and 4 cents a word.
15. SFSite pay between 6-9 cents a word (accepts only snail mail submissions).
16. Heliotrope pays 10 cents a word.
17. Lightspeed pays 1 cent a word.
18. Clarkes pays 5 cents per word.
19. Gothic pays 4 cents a word
20. Analog pays 6-8 cents a word.
21. Cafe Irreal pays 1 cent per word
22. Asimov pays 6-8 cents a word
23. Tin House pays between 100$ and 800$ for a story.
24. Poets and writers magazine- this link was provided by our friend Latedra who blogs at
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revelations said...

excellent info...many thanks young lady... :)

Delia E said...

I'm really happy to see you put your skills to work and try to mix passion and practicality.

Every journey consists of individual 1 step(s). Go for it!

Hugs <3

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Petronela:
Alas, we have long since given up the thought that we might actually be paid for something we do!

Judith said...

This sounds great. Congratulations! You're on your way. What are they looking for--more like 3000 words? Under 10 pages? Hope you find your niche.

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Well done! That's a pretty good start. Keep it up. :)

L. M. Reynolds said...

Ppets & writers has a few contests and magazines that have deadlines approaching. I'll link it here but if the link dorsn't work
and go to Magazine then under the sub head Grants and Awards*&perpage=*

BLOGZOOM said...

It seems a difficult dream to be realized, but it is not impossible. Do not give up on your proposal of life. You never know who is reading what you write. Always be positive and run behind.

Thank you for your valuable tips.

I loved the motion picture lit the lamp.


Elephant's Child said...

Such generous rates they are too. I wonder what J.K. Rowling is paid per word these days? Still, I understand that she started from nothing and a ton of rejections so I suppose there is hope for the aspiring writer. Good luck - I am waiting to hear of your first big sale.

Launna said...

Good Luck Petronela;)

Dixie@dcrelief said...

Stay on the path, dah'ling you'll be there before you know it. Keep the faith! :))

Voltech said...

Man, I need to get back in the short story-writing game. I haven't in a while (the wave of rejections wasn't exactly an impetus), but I think I've got some fresh ideas and improved skills.

Thanks for posting all these. I've bookmarked this the name of justice! Or something like that.

Janet Gardner said...

Great information, thanks for sharing it with all of us, Congrats on what feedback and offer you did get. By the way I feel the same way you do about Entrecard!!
Hugs & Kisses,
Janet :)

Furtheron said...

I should have a go at this - a new career awaits....

Only problem, absolutely zero talent or any valid creative idea! LOL!

Unknown said...

That is pretty cool. I am excited for you. Sounds like your off to a great start. So nice of you to share your list.. I can't write worth a darn.


Judith said...

Just wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award. I know you've been nominated before and gone through the list 7 things process, so might not want to do it again, but I hope more and more people find your blog!

Suzanne Bean said...

Congratulations!!!! Wonderful!!! I was just talking with a co-worker yesterday about sites to find out about online magazine submissions. I'll ask him for the site and forward to you. You are a published author!!! I can see more money coming your way!!!! :)

Keri Peardon said...

$60 isn't bad. Make sure your contract notes at what point the rights revert back to you; you don't want them to have the rights forever.

I have published a couple of novellas (in the 14,000 word range) on Kindle and Smashwords and I think I've made a whopping $4 from all my sales. Hence why $60 looks pretty good (also, it's something you can put on your writer resume if you go looking for an agent/publisher--so it's worth way more than a money in that case). But, because you might become a famous novelist one day and have legions of fans who will pay money for those short stories by you (think how many J.K. Rowling could sell!), that's why you want the rights back later on.

Catherine said...

Dear Petronela, Never give up!! If your dream is to be a writer, then go for it. I wish you all the best. Blessings dearest. Catherine xo

not displayed said...

I love that you are chasing your dream. So many people say "one day" and "maybe". You however are doing it.

Unknown said...

new follower through GFC as lucyatmax/no pic. I absolutely adore your gorgeous site! My boring ole blog can be found and followed at
Stop by sometime!
Beth :D

Nyki Blatchley said...

Congratulations - $60 is pretty good for your first story. There's actually quite a few magazines that take stories over 5000 words (and one or two that don't take them shorter) so that sort of length isn't a bar to publication.

The most important thing with all markets is to research. Check their terms and sample contract, and google them to see if anyone's been discussing them. There's a lot of scams out there. The ones charging reading fees - I'm not saying they're scams, but you shouldn't normally being paying editors to read your work.

Good luck.

Tammy said...

What an awesome post, Petronela. Thank you so much for sharing! This gives me something to do for the weekend :D
Well, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for the both of us! How very exciting.


Shaharoh said...

Good luck with the publishing and thank you for sharing these websites. If you get one or two stories published every month, that will be a nice small source of income:) Positive thoughts and crossed fingers for you, Lovely!

Denise D. Young said...

Thanks for sharing. This list is a good resource. One thing I've noticed is that, with the rising popularity of ebooks, some publishers actually publish single short stories. Wild Rose Press, for example, publishes fiction of many lengths. If your story is too long for magazines, perhaps a publisher out there would be interested. Good luck! :)

BB said...

Wonderful information my friend! Thank you. This couldn't have come at a better time considering my life upheaval of late!! Smooches XX

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