Interview with a Fallen Angel

C.J Sullivan is the author whose pen created  Laphelle, a fallen angel, the main character of a fascinating trilogy, named The Divided. She currently prepares the release of the third book in the trilogy (it will be on June 1) and, in connection to this event, so much expected by her readers, I thought of asking her a few questions about the books and the life of a writer in general.
- What determined you to write fantasy?
- I think with fantasy, writers have so much freedom to create. I can come up with an entire species and get lost in its history and world. In the case with my angel trilogy, I created my take on angels. It gave me an endless universe with which to work. There are a handful of sci-fi/fantasy movies and books which inspired me to write my own. The original Star Wars Trilogy, Cowboy Bebop, Anne Rice's vampire stories, Willow, Lord of the Rings - all these have lit a creative fire in me at some point in my life.
- What inspired you to choose your characters? Laphelle, your fallen angel is a fascinating one.
- I love the bad guy in stories so I made my villain the hero. Laphelle is a Fallen angel. You don't want to mess with him, he is kind of a jerk. he's cocky, driven, scary and he's deadly. But though you start out hating him, I think you'll end up cheering for him in the end.
- How much time you dedicate to writing?
- At least two hours a day. It's about all I can devote of myself  right now since I do still work a day job, and try to spend time with family and friends.
- How often do you feel uninspired? And what do you do to tempt your muse back?
- Just as often as anyone. Sometimes we force stories, writing too much without a break. There has to be a balance.
- What are you currently working on?
- I am working on wrapping up The Divided Trilogy. It's my epic angel story I wrote back in college and currently decided to revamp and indie publish for my readers. If you're looking for something new to read, something epic and unpredictable, you might give it a try. Though there are plenty of bad guys in it to hate and love, there are some good guys in there you'll really like, too.
You can get yourself a copy from Amazon - The Divided Trilogy
You can find C.J blogging at
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Luanne G. Smith said...

Enjoying these interviews, Petronella.

I agree about taking measures so we don't get burned out on writing. I can sometimes get into this groove where I barely look up from my computer for days on end. My family eventually stares at me and asks if I'll make them dinner -- to which I answer, "cereal IS dinner." :)

Carrie Sullivan said...

Thanks for letting me appear on your beautiful blog!

Elephant's Child said...

Wonderful interview - fascinating series. Thank you so much - both of you.

unikorna said...

Luanne ...:)))))) cereal for dinner? Sounds scrumptious :).

not displayed said...

Great interview. Thank you for introducing us to another interesting author

Anonymous said...

Wonderful interview, and loved your answers C.J

Tamago said...

Another great interview! I love charecters who are bad guys but somehow lovable :-)

My kitties eat the same food but try to eat each other's food. I keep telling them they are the sane food :-)

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Great! Sounds good. In fact, I just peeked inside the trilogy's first book on Amazon, and liked the voice so much... I bought the book.

(So, yes, Virginia, guest posts DO sell books!)

Here's wishing you much success, C.J.

unikorna said...

Wow I am so happy Susan :)...enjoy your read....

Unknown said...

I enjoyed reading your interview.. That sounds like a wonderful read for sure.


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