Spring in my garden

Spring is here, finally!!!!
And the blue-eyed boy is highly enjoying it. Have a lovely spring!!!!
Isn't Mirella enchanting?


Elephant's Child said...

A very happy Spring to you all.
Your boy is gorgeous - as is the cat.

BLOGZOOM said...

I can see the blue sky this spring through the eyes of your handsome Prince Albert. And Mirella ?! Wonderful! I love black & white cats.

We are in the fall, but it did not bring the freshness of this season, we still suffer from the heat.


Launna said...

Petronella I'm happy to Spring there... enjoy the outdoors as much as possible with your sweet little boy... he looks adorable xox ♡

Teresa Ashby said...

Happy Spring! The photos are lovely. Mirella is beautiful and little Albert is just gorgeous xx

Grace said...

All your babies are enchanting...

Shaharoh said...

Your baby is sooo beautiful! Love seeing these pictures! Sending you blessings! xoxo

Milton said...

Your baby and cat both look like they are enjoying the spring weather.

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